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Advanced Warehouse Solutions
1/256 Dandenong - Frankston Rd
VIC 3175

ABN - 742 435 122 07

Phone: 1300 655 966
Fax: (03) 9793 5322
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For the purpose of this declaration, Company means Advanced Warehouse Solutions Pty Ltd

1. Incorrectly filled orders and defective products.
a) If your order from Advanced Warehouse Solutions has been incorrectly filled or a product is defective, contact the company immediately and use the Claim Form  or request a form by telephoning 1300 655 966 or via e-mail to
b) Documented evidence of the transaction will be required in support of your claim.
c) Advanced Warehouse Solutions will endeavour to rectify the situation immediately upon verification of the matter and arrange for the shipment/return of the defective order without cost to the customer.

2. Customer orders the wrong product.
a) The product information and images displayed on the web site of Advanced Warehouse Solutions are provided for illustrative purposes only. Advanced Warehouse Solutions shall not be held responsible for colour choices made on the basis of web images.
b) You should review your online order for accuracy prior to confirmation. If you make a mistake in selecting the wrong size, colour or item, contact Advanced Warehouse Solutions. Depending on the type of error and status of the order, the company may offer a replacement at additional cost which will be confirmed with you prior to any action being taken.
c) Items bought from stock may be exchanged if they are returned within 7 days of purchase in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging, in like-new condition and accompanied by your receipt. Delivery charges will apply.
d) Customers are required to advise Advanced Warehouse Solutions of their required exchange using the Claim Form located in ‘My Account’ on the Advanced Warehouse Solutions website.
e) Items that have been specially customised cannot be returned.
3. Customer modifies or misuses a product.
a) If a customer modifies a product obtained from Advanced Warehouse Solutions or has the product modified by another supplier and the product is damaged and/or does not operate as a result of the alteration, Advanced Warehouse Solutions shall not be held responsible for any failure or damage arising from such a modification.
b) If a product is not used in the prescribed manner or according to the manufacturer’s instructions or prescribed purpose, Advanced Warehouse Solutions shall not be held responsible for any failure or damage arising from such misuse.
c) Advanced Warehouse Solutions shall charge a fee for time, materials and freight in respect of any repairs, replacement, collection and return of the product which Advanced Warehouse Solutions agrees to do at the customer’s request.
d) Advanced Warehouse Solutions will be entitled to debit the customer’s credit card which was used for the original purchase for the total amount notified to the customer in regards to the above and if such charges have been agreed by the customer.

4. General terms and conditions.
a) All claims must be reported to Advanced Warehouse Solutions within two business days of product receipt.
b) If Advanced Warehouse Solutions have not received a claim as per the prescribed procedure, the company will not accept responsibility for such a claim.
c) Customers who have returned goods to Advanced Warehouse Solutions but have not completed a Claim Form will experience delays in the processing of the claim.
d) If a refund is warranted and agreed by Advanced Warehouse Solutions it will be paid via the same payment medium of the original purchase.
e) A refund will not be issued by Advanced Warehouse Solutions until the product and prescribed Claim Form has been received by the company.
f) Refunds will not be issued if a customer has a change of mind after purchase.
g) If a customer refuses to pay a freight delivery charge necessitated by a re-despatch and then wishes to cancel the order, Advanced Warehouse Solutions shall refund the cost of the order less the cost of all freight charges and include an administrative fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). If the total order is less than the cost of freight and the administrative fee, a refund will not be payable to the customer.